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Mission Statement

MacGuire and Crawford, Inc. was founded in 1955 with the vision of building long-term, mutually advantageous relationships with customers in the process industries of the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Virginia. We have kept that vision alive and prosperous by focusing on the following core values:

  • Representing quality manufacturers that are committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Offering state-of-the-art technologies for process control.
  • Maintaining a sales force that is highly trained in all areas of product application and technical support.
  • Providing immediate attention to our customers' needs and solutions to their problems.
  • Representing our customer to the manufacturer, as well as representing the manufacturer to the customer.

We are manufacturer reps for various instrumentation and analyzer manufacturers as well as distributors for AI-Tek and Precision Digital.

Together with our manufacturers, we are committed to satisfying customers. We accomplish this by maintaining high quality standards in terms of design, durability, engineering and service. We offer instruments for measuring level utilizing RF admittance (capacitance), radar, TDR (time domain reflectometry), ultrasonic and several other technologies.

In addition to level, we also handle shaft speed measurement equipment using magnetic speed sensors.  When our magnetic sensor equipment is combined with our digital tachometer equipment, we can solve even your most difficult application.  We also have tachometer accessories such as cable assemblies, tachometer connectors and target gears.

Please review our manufacturers list and you will also find annunciator and event recorder equipment.  We also have many other types of industrial process instrumentation, controls and analyzers.

We appreciate your visit to our website today. We look forward to serving you.