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Manufacturers: A.I. Tek Instruments


AI-Tek  designs and manufactures speed sensors and tachometer products which protect and monitor rotating equipment. AI-Tek is committed to providing the highest quality products it can, at competitive prices, through its ISO 9001 certified quality system. This commitment is the reason AI-Tek has enjoyed over 45 years of continuous service to their customers.


Not all tachometers are the same, and this is certainly true of the AI-Tek  tachometry line. Designed with severe industrial environments in mind, these units will provide reliable around-the-clock operation for years under adverse conditions. AI-Tek  is a leader in manufacturing this type of instrument. Our prices reflect the design, quality, ruggedness and engineering of the equipment. What you really get with AI-Tek  is a superb price / performance ratio. It may not initially be the least expensive equipment available but, in the long run, the value of this equipment is that it will outperform and outlast others.


AI-Tek manufactures hundreds of different designs of speed sensors. Their catalog lists the standard units they have developed, based on years of design experience and knowledge, to provide you readily available products to solve your sensor solution to your speed control or indication needs. Many of the hundreds of AI-Tek speed sensors produced are designed for special applications which allows AI-Tek to offer a highly versatile and flexible product line.

Designed to meet severe industrial, automotive and aerospace environments, AI-Tek speed sensors will provide reliable, around-the-clock operation for many years under adverse conditions. Their design engineers have paid particular attention to trouble areas such as vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, wet, oily and corrosive atmospheres. Many AI-Tek speed sensors are specifically designed for high temperature, high or low speeds, various targets or for precise accuracy and timing applications. AI-Tek uses primarily the three technologies of variable reluctance, magneto-resistive and Hall effect to convert motion into an electronic signal. By selecting the best technology for a specificapplication we can assure years of reliable performance. Our AI-Tek catalog offers a variety of options readily available through MacGuire and Crawford, Inc. If you cannot find a catalog item to meet your specific requirements, please contact us with your specifics; there is probably an existing design which comes close to your requirements. As a world leader in producing quality speed sensors, AI-Tek will provide a superb price/performance ratio.

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